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Universal Cross Bracelet

Universal Cross Bracelet

$425.00 USD



A cross is one of the most iconic, universal symbols, in all of time.

The cross, as a symbol, has an ancient heritage. Its use even predates Christianity as it's believed to have been used, in some form, by pagans, Egyptians, and Taoists.

Our Universal Cross is not a religious symbol. This cross represents the center of the crossroads where your human and spiritual selves meet. It is a symbol of balance. 

It's solid sterling silver and hand toned and polished for a unique vintage look. 

The pendant is attached to this large, 10x11mm, cable chain bracelet. Hand toned and lightly polished to give the chain and pendant an aged look. Bracelet has a great heavy feel. Solid sterling silver. 

• sterling silver heavy 10x11mm cable chain
• comes in a small box
• made in the USA