DEJAVITA was started in 2014 by a small group of artists living in Los Angeles. We have all been commercial and fine artists in other mediums (photography, sculpture, painting)  but now are focused on creating jewelry. We are committed to handcrafting our pieces with old world, high quality craftsmanship. 

DEJAVITA is unique. Our mission with DEJAVITA is to make well-crafted, high quality jewelry that symbolizes or that means something special. The jewelry is our art - our creative expression. We put an emphasis on details and always mix some history into our modern interpretations. 

We believe that symbols are the story of experience. Everything we create has to mean something to us. But more importantly, we want it to mean something to you. While each piece has its own designated meaning, that's just a starting place. We believe that the person wearing it is the true storyteller.

Our jewelry is meant to represent life’s journey — the struggles, the dreams, and the triumphs. We want you to wear our pendants, bracelets and rings, as a reminder of what it means to be who you are, how you got there, and where you’re going. With all of the symbolic meaning and inspiration that’s attached, we often think of our jewelry as “silver tattoos.” We love it when our customers select pieces with the same careful consideration and attachment to its personal meaning that they would give an inked tattoo. 

We use the lost wax casting method for all of our pieces. We believe that this ancient technique of craftsmanship and molten metal is fitting for our work, especially for wax seals that were pressed 150 years ago. Once the pieces are cast, the real labor of love begins. We use a variety of patinas, acids, oils and waxes, and hand polishing to bring out the details. There is much handwork to bring each piece to life. It is this attention to detail that keeps our work truly artisan. 

We believe in keeping jobs in the USA. We design and manufacture in downtown Los Angeles, our hometown base.