We know that not all for-profit and non-profit collaborations are as truly giving as they appear, or would like you to believe. With that in mind, let us be transparent in all ways about both our motives and how our charity partnership works. 

Re-thinking the Profit Model: Making Charities Sustainable 

Our motive is simple, yet unique. We set this up to mirror how our company would work with wholesale accounts and retail stores. Generally, you sell merchandise at a much reduced cost to stores that will in turn sell it at full retail prices to their customers. It's tried and true. But we wondered, what if we used this same model to do something more meaningful with our sales?

There is nothing new about for-profits partnering with non-profits, often referred to as "charitable profiteering." Such partnerships are often more of a marketing strategy than a true effort to give. With charities relying more and more on for-profits to help them toward real, long lasting sustainability, companies need to be truly giving by being willing to part with life changing profit donations. We are willing and able. Instead of the industry standard donation of about 10%, DEJAVITA is stepping up with much larger donations - 30-50% or more - depending on the campaign. 

How it works

After you "purchase + donate" we set aside your donation dollars. At the end of each month we make a donation to your selected charity. It's very simple. We're all on the honor system. 

 All of our charities are registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits.
Any questions, comments, or concerns, please email us - dejavitaLA@dejavita.com

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