We are committed to manufacturing in the USA. In fact, all of our venders and manufacturers are in California. Any part that we don’t hand craft — some chains and findings — we buy locally in support of our hometown base, Los Angeles. 

Want to keeps jobs in America? Want the best quality possible?
Stay true to red white and blue.

Small artisan manufacturers are another huge "Made in America" movement. This is all about making your products where you live and asking buyers to shop local. The quality is high, often handcrafted, the items are unique and not mass produced. But the prices can be high. It costs more to source materials and labor in your local community. At DEJAVITA we design and make handcrafted silver accessories. We maintain complete control. Everything (except for our Italian made chains) is designed, lost wax cast, finished and packaged right in our home base of Los Angeles. We pay much more than we would if we manufactured in China. But the quality and control we have makes it worth it.