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Workwear: Still Made in the USA 

It doesn't matter where you work or if you work, it's all about fashion and style. Workwear, or Americana, is a broad fashion category. It includes jeans, jackets, boots, t-shirts and even hair pomades (makes your hair look slick and shiny). 

Today's Workwear, Still Made in the USA

Without a doubt, this fashion trend has it's roots in the 60s. Levi's 501's and basic blue work shirts worn with work boots. It was the hippie uniform. This time around though, it's less about glorifying the working class man (thank you, John Lennon) than wearing the clothes that real hard working men wear -- and we're willing to pay for the privilege. But you can still buy workwear that is affordable. Round House, in Oklahoma, is the largest made in America workwear manufacturer. They've been making work clothes for 112 years and counting. You can still buy jeans here for $30-40 dollars. And Levi's is back with their vintage style jeans and jackets. They look great at about $300 for jeans and $400 for jackets.

 In 2015, unlike the 60s, men are digging America. Made in the USA is worn with pride. And we know that choosing products that are made in America means that someone, here, has a job.

Beyond that, people are setting up shop and handcrafting, hand sewing, and manufacturing in their hometowns. The quality and attention to detail shows. One of our favorites at the moment is Railcar Fine Goods. Located about 30 miles east of Los Angeles, in Monrovia, California, these guys make clothes in their workshop from beginning to end. They actually use rare vintage sewing machines. Every detail is considered. 
A Vintage Singer Sewing Machine
You can tell you're buying something that real artisans have put their heart into. Along with denim jeans and jackets, you can add to the look with Red Wing Heritage boots. Classic Americana. Red Wing has been around for over 100 years. A note on price: You'll be dropping around $500-$600 on a pair of jeans and Red Wing boots. Yeah, it's not the 60s. But this stuff is solid and meant to last a very long time. 
Leather work boot with custom sterling silver chain (DEJAVITA)

We might be a little biased, but we think adding a cool custom sterling silver chain brings just the right modern to workwear clothes. Oxidized sterling silver accessories really work to bring your self-expression to the style.


BIO: Written by the collective of DEJAVITA. We're a small group of Los Angeles artists that make handcrafted silver accessories for fashion-oriented men and women. We like to write about what we find interesting in fashion, art, and culture. 


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