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CAFE RACERS ARE FULL OF pas·sion ˈ/paSHən/

What's a Cafe Racer? So says wikipedia: A Cafe Racer is a light-weight, fast motorcycle optimized for speed and handling rather than comfort — and for quick rides over short distances. Most of these bikes are customized  or completely rebuilt  standard motorcycles. 

Cafe Racers got their start in Britain in the 1960s. As the name suggests, they did in fact race at high speeds between cafes. According to an article on RideApart, "...motorcycle enthusiasts who raced each other from café to café were the true Café Racers in the UK during the 1960s. The most famous of which is the Ace Café, in London, which is still in existence today."  The goal was to hit 100 miles an hour. To get even close to 100 mph, the bikes had to be heavily modified.

Just a little vintage Italian motorbike ... WANT

Cafe Racer Australia. So damn cool. This is a group of people that loves vintage, old-school, motorbikes. These guys are the real deal. No fake poses. Just real men and women who have a passion to ride. They also just happen to be highly fashionable without really trying. Follow them on Instagram @caferaceraustralia

From Cafe Racer Australia @caferaceraustralia 

For more, check out the Venice, California Cafe Racers Facebook page. To get a good understanding about what these custom bikes are all about, go to the Moto Chop Shop website (shop is in Van Nuys, California).


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