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SELVEDGE - it’s all about the details

A sweet roll of nostalgia.

Selvedge denim, as you might have noticed, is very popular right now. But what is it? Selvedge is the edge of the fabric. The stitching that keeps the edge from unraveling and fraying. This is how jeans were made in the 1800s. It was practical. Back then men worked in fields, factories, barns, and no one wanted their pants unraveling and dragging in the dirt. Not really much of a concern today. Now the reason to wear selvedge jeans is that they look very cool. That bit of red in the cuff can really call attention to your boots. It's all about fashion!

Silver + denim. Made for each other.  Luceat Lux Vestra

So, yeah, as you might have guessed, selvedge jeans cost. Well made, cool stuff isn't cheap but it's usually worth the extra dollars for something that will last. But you can get into a pair for less than a $100. A good list of entry-level suppliers can be found at rawdenim. Be sure to read the comments for even more opinions. 

Nothing looks better than silver and denim. Shown here with  Luceat Lux Vestra (Latin) Let Your Light Shine - from a 100+ year old wax seal lost was cast in sterling silver by DEJAVITA.

Check out rawrdenim for much more on selvedge and raw denim.


BIO: Written by the collective of DEJAVITA. We're a small group of Los Angeles artists that make handcrafted silver accessories for fashion-oriented men and women. We like to write about what we find interesting in fashion, art, and culture.

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